Pixels poster

Hey there Onlooker, CreativeCookie here and today’s post is an analysis of the poster for “Pixels”.


Colour: The title is neon blue. This colour is also seen on old computers as they are starting up and used for video game titles in the 80’s. This use of blue implies the creator to have taken inspiration from this so the audience can link it to computer games. The blue in the title links to that of the gun. This implies the gun to shoot pixels, as that is what the typography is made of. Overall, the poster is very bright. The Pacman covers half of the poster, allowing the yellow to be the first thing you see, definitely attracting children. The colours of the game characters have been  over exaggerated compared to the colours on the humans. This suggests that the characters have escaped their games as they were never this bright inside of the screen.

Picture: There is a mixture of game animated charters and actors. The fact they are holding guns suggest the characters are their enemy. The orange character in the bottom right hand corner looks shy and upset. this implies he does not want to fight and sides with the humans during the film. The setting is the American streets. This adds levels of verisimilitude which would be unconventional for a film about video games. The woman is wearing office based clothes. This is stereotypical of a female scientist character as she can not contribute to helping as her clothes restrict her. The fact she has a gun subvert the view that is weak as she has been given the opportunity to fight back with the men, instead of causing more problems.

Layout: The characters have been placed in perspective. The curb of the street pulls the focus past the image of actors to the background of the Pacman. This may imply they are following Pacman as the perspective creates and arrow effect. Images of the characters destroying buildings have been placed in the background also. This suggests the narrative may include a war between the games and the humans. This is reinforced by the image of guns in the humans hands. As Pacman is the largest image on this poster, it suggests it is their main enemy. Smaller images of Donkey Kong, space invader and snake have been added also. This implies there will be more than one enemy in this film. Around the edges of the buildings have white blocks flouting alongside them. This my imply the creatures can fly, making their attack far more varied. This may also suggest the game characters to have come from the almost pixelated sky. The characters are facing the camera, but not breaking the 4th wall. As they are looking above and round the edge of the poster suggests that the characters are everywhere, including in our world.

Typography: The title is pixelated. This links to the narrative of the film as it is about video games that used to run on pixelated software. The title is also 3D. This adds interest as it is not just a plain 2D, flat title. This implying this film is more interesting then every other. The 3D design also suggests another film element. This may be that the characters become 3D representations of what we see on screen, as if they come to life. This title follows convention as it is at the top of the poster. Sterotyically, posters have release dates and some credits. The fact this poster only has the name of the film makes it more memorable. This is also breaking convention as it is common for posters to have a tagline. On the ‘P’ of ‘Pixels’ there are horizontal lines embedding in the design. These lines can also be found on an old computer when glitching. This suggests the creatures themselves are glitches as they are in an alternate universe. This is reinforced by the fact that video game characters are controllable, kind characters when they are in the game, but outside they are detructors.

Overall, This makes for a very eye-catching and interesting poster. I may be using similar typography as I am basing my narrative of video games also.

Wreck-it Ralph poster

Hey there Onlooker, CreativeCookie here and today’s post is an analysis of the poster for “Wreck-it Ralph”.

reck it raplh

Colours: The colours are very varied. They is a mixture of tones. As these characters come from real video games, the colours can’t be changed, or verisimilitude would greatly suffer. The background has a fade from blue to orange. This design can be seen on the beach horizon. This may suggest the game is to be enjoys, like a trip to the beach. This fade also looks like a sunrise and sunset. This may imply the game is something to be played all day, dawn till dust. The use of colours in this poster is very common to most video games.

Picture: The centralized character has emphasis on his fist. This implies narrative as it could suggest this character to be violent. This is reinforced by the tear on his sleeve as it suggests anger and untidiness. Juxtaposing this is the characters facial expression. Smiling suggests a kind nature, this also implies a change in narrative as it could suggest he changes from bad to good. This character has no shoes. This indicates narrative as he may be presented as low in the hierchary. The young girl perched on his shoulder is seen to be another main character. The fact they are so close, in pose, implies they have a strong bond than the other charters as they are all stood separately. The white glowing haze behind the charters is almost angelic. This may indicate they have reformed from being bad and want join together to make it work. This is reinforced by the reflection beneath them as this indicates they have reflected upon their actions and what to change. The flies in the background suggest narrative as they are separated from the foreground characters. This could indicate they are the enemy. All of the characters are breaking the 4th wall. This will grab the audiences attention by allowing them to connect with the characters.

Layout: The main character has been centralized. This tells the audience he is the main character. This is reinforced as the title has been placed beneath the character. This title placement breaks codes and convention as most titles are at the top of posters. The tagline ‘When the arcade closes, the fun begins’ suggest themes in the narrative. It is ironic because video games are played by people, yet players can not enter when the arcade is closed. The image reinforces this as there are doors to each game. The use of the word ‘fun’ when talking about the arcade closing suggests the characters may work without a player and have 2 separate lives.

Typography: The title is red and pixelated. The red matches the clothes on the centralized character, this indicates he is ‘Wreck-it Ralph’. The pixelation links to the video game theme. The game was originally called ‘Fix it Felix’. Changing the film name to ‘Wreck-it Ralph’ reinforces he is the main character, not Felix. If the title was extended at each end, it would create an eye shape making the title the iris. The curve of the letters suggests the eye shape.


The eye could imply the game inside of the film to be additive. The typography of the tagline is white, capitalized and blocky. This makes it read to read and does not take any attention away from the main title.

Overall, This is a very well thought out poster. I may add some glitchy monotone, to my colours, to give the old video game style effect. If possible I may add some of the techniques of the gradients background to my poster.


Guardians of the Galaxy poster

Hey there Onlooker, CreativeCookie here and today’s post is an analysis of the poster for “Guardians of the Galaxy”.


Colours: Most of this poster in blue. This is also reflected on the characters clothing. The colour blue connotes sadness and calm. This is juxtaposed by the action in the picture. A black fade out has been used in the bottom to create a dark background to contrast the gold title. The characters have a slight white outline to separate them from the background. One character (Drax) is covered in red. This connotes danger. This may suggest he is a dangerous character. The use of gold for the title connotes winning. This implies the ‘Guardians’ to be the hero. This poster has a varied range of light and dark colours. This creates attraction and interest as colours always draw the audience in.

Picture: They are not breaking the fourth wall, in fact they are looking over and passed the camera. As the word ‘Guardians’ suggest, perhaps the image is conveying them to be protecting everyone, even the audience. They appear to be fighting small space ships attacking them. The fact that there are many ships and only five of them will intrigue the audience as it implies that the film will be full of action and fight scenes. This is reinforced as the characters all have some kind of weapon. The characters are very weird, this references the space theme and the sci-fi genre. Green woman, Raccoon and a Tree man. The woman’s hand is spread out and downward. This action normally means hold back or stop. This implies she is in charge. The fact that her hand is more down than up suggests she isn’t always in charge. This is subvert as she is the woman and she has been placed at the front of the image. Their facial expressions are quite serious and look as if they are shouting.

Layout: The image of the characters have been centralized in order of importance. The man in the middle is highest in the image, suggesting that he is the main character. The title has been placed at the bottom with the film details. The text has been separated as the main credits  are at the top of the poster. This is following convention as posters often have split text and larger titles to grab attention. The layout of the different images allows the poster to be full.

Typography: The file is gold and looks metallic. The font is boxy and all in caps. This may imply the group is as strong as the metal. The ‘of the’ have been minimized implying they are not key to the title. As ‘Guardians’ and ‘Galaxy’ are bigger, this suggests the narrative as the picture shows space and protectors. The same font and gold has been used in the credits also. This is in keeping with the theme. This size of the title is big enough to be eye-catching but not too be taken away from the picture. Navy blue has been used for credits at the bottom, this is not that visible so it can only be particularly seen on a full printed poster.

Overall, This is an effective poster. I may use the black fade on my poster but in a different placement. I might also try to overlap some of my characters as I like the overall effect.

The lego Batman movie poster

Hey there Onlooker, CreativeCookie here and today’s post is an analysis of the poster for “The lego Batman movie”.

Colours: This poster is mostly yellow. The batman symbol is black and yellow, this poster has reversed the colours as yellow is a better background than black, most as their audience is children. Yellow is very eye-catching and bright. The yellow used almost looks gold. Gold connotes wealth. Batman’s character is known for being wealthy in the films. The use of red on robins suit juxtaposes his character. Red connotes danger, Robin is not dangerous. However, red connotes love, which suggests Robin is looking for love, from a new family.

Layout: The poster is breaking convention by the placement of the overall layout. This poster is on a tilt, even the title. This implies there is a situation in Gotham that has cause a problem, therefore creating chaos. The bottom half of the poster has Batman centralized. This suggests he is the main character, this is reinforced as his name is above him in the Batman symbol which echoes the shape of Batman’s cloke, flowing in the wind. Visually this links the title to the charater as they are both th darkest images on the poster.

Picture: The picture has characters running towards the audience. The characters are a mixture of good and bad, so perhaps this group of charaters running at the audience implies they are united and not longer enemies. The background, below the title, looks like an explosion. This reinforces the fact there is chaos. This suggests narrative as something must have happened in Gotham to cause this destruction. The order of charaters rom front to the back of the crowd suggest who are the main charaters. Batman, Robin and Batgirl are at the front. This implies Batman has taken on more co workers, later to become family, and does not want to live alone. The Joker follows behind as he is the villain. The fact he is behind Batman suggests he will always lose and be second best.

Typography: The typography is blocky and uses singular colours. The text is made from Lego bricks, which are rectangular. ‘Always be yourself…unless you can be Batman’. This tagline is in black capitalized text. This allows it to stand out against the yellow background and to be read clearly. The tagline allows the audience to learn about Batman’s character and how he sees himself. This use of language implies Batman to be awesome and better than everyone else. This reflects on his actions and portrays how he will act in the film. The word ‘Batman’ in the title is the biggest. This draws attention and tells the audience the key theme and character. White text is used on the black bat shape for a heavy contrast so it stands out.

Overall, I like this poster and I am tempted to us the tilt idea if I decide to at chaos into my narrative. This poster is effective in explaining narrative and is very appealing to the audience.

Ultimate gun game

Hey there Onlooker, CreativeCookie here and today’s post is an analysis of “Ultimate gun game”. It was directed by Corridor Digital and published in 2015.

This film is about two opposing teams, blue vs red. They have been placed in a video game where the objective is to kill each other. Thought out, the players can select different weapons from films and other video games.

  • The gun from Pixles
  • The flower from Mario
  • The portal gun from another corridor video
  • A wand from Harry Potter
  • A light saber from Star Wars
  • Weapons from Minecraft
  • A sword from Skyrim
  • A weapon from Halo

A wipe transition is used to switch between red team and blue team. Wipe can refer to the meaning ‘to wipe out’ which means ‘to kill’. Using a wipe transition reinforces the aim of the game to be mass murder. Digital effects have been used alongside filming to make each weapon and each death look real. Blood splats have been added also to reinforce the idea of death. Each character is spawned in, just like in a video game. This type of video game is almost VR as it looks so real but the verisimilitude is taken down by the use of magical weapons from films. However, this also makes this film more interesting. The video game idea of VR is reinforced by the weapon options and triangular lines at the top and bottom of the screen. This depicts common codes and conventions of most video games. These two details have been added in using effects after filming. Without them it would not feel like a VR video game at all.

Thought out this film POV is the main use of camera style. POV is a code and convention of realistic video games. This POV style also allows the audience to see it as the gamer would see this game. Allowing the audience to feel as if the were involved. Most of this film does not have changes, considering angle. This suggests the red and blue team to be equal and either team can win. One shot of a HA is used from the red teams perceptive. This foreshadows a possible victory for the team, as HA’s suggest power. Towards the end, the two main players for each team have a 1V1 battle to win. This is the first time SRS is used to show the audience the identity of the opposite team player.

The MES of this film uses many codes and conventions of action packed video games, like GTA. It is filled with crumbling buildings, vehicles, boxes and fencing. The costume also fits in. The use of camo clothing and dark colours are commonly found on real soldiers and game characters. At the end of the film, three speaker symbols appear on the right. This is used alongside audio of boys shouting in disappointment. The use of these symbols reinforce the team video game idea as they implies there to be a group of boys playing the same game online.

Sound is a very key part to this film. The underlying score is very common to an action game. It gives he overall film that video game feel. Sound effects of gun shots and weapons firing are added parallel sound to the movement and use of each weapon. Any dialogue is that of the player’s reaction, not any in-game dialogue. This reinforces the player as it gives them personality in real life, not just a silent simulated game character. The dialogue reassures the audience it is not real death as the seem to be pleased with the weapons and mass murder they are committing.

Overall, If I do use any weapons in my film I will use POV and extra sound and visual effects to fit codes and conventions of video games. I like how different weapons from different medias have been used in one game idea. I t brings fantasy to action. Really thinking though editing transitions has got me inspired to do something similar. Finding the hiding meaning will help pout my point across in an implied manner.

Portal trick shots

Hey there Onlooker, CreativeCookie here and today’s post is an analysis of “Portal trick shots”. It was directed by Corridor Digital and published in 2014.

First and foremost, this video just makes me smile. It has such a simple narrative but is very effective. It includes two men using an invention of a portal gun to shoot hoops. The way it is made allows the pair to add comedy to this sci-fi film. As all narratives  to film like this, they start by doing easy tracks to build the audience for the epic end trick. I also like how the characters are men. Stereotypically no woman (besides me) would spend her time playing with a portal gun to shoot hoops. Also the fact they have a trophy at the end shows how competitive and immature the men are.

Cuts are used to bring in scenes of drawing on a white board and wearing white and coats, which stereotypical of scientists doing experiments. This film is made to be lighthearted and fun for all ages. I don’t see any audience not liking this. This film has two sets. One is a car park and the other is a room with a box. This means it was easier to film and cutting between two sets allows for a more intresting film. This also implies low verisimilitude scientists would not experiment in a car park, let alone be playing basketball. Therefore being the main comedy element. The fact it is being filmed is relatable to the audience as one man is shooting, the other is filming him. This is just what happens when something amazing happens. Wobbling the camera portrays a person to be filming as if it were filmed on a phone. A range of shots and angles have been used. The establishing long shot says the scene so the audience can grasp what the film is about quickly.

My favourite part about this film is the audio. It has a techno, video game, sci-fi inspired score called “prototype” by Savant. The way corridor digital have edited the music to be paraelle to the climax at the end is simple yet effective. I also like the very end when the man looks to have died so it is slow mo. When the other man tries to close his eyes, a comedic moment is added of the video snapping back to life as the man does. I also like how their is not much dialogue. The sound mostly comes from the music. This is because more dialogue would ruin the film as it is quite simple. The sound effects used for the portal gun hitting the floor are very video game based. I would want this to be in my film also. Warning sirens are used when the men run to there offices to plan the portals. Flashing red lights are also used. As one man has a face of confusion this implies they will have to battle over who can come up with the best trick shot.

The way the portals and gun have to be stylised fit how we would expect to see futurist elements. To me, they look to fit right into 2017 and what humans the films is suggesting, as a kid they would go and play basket ball, but how as adult scientists they have made their childhood dreams real.

The album below contains music made by Savant. I my use these songs to inspired my own score as I do love ‘prototype’ from this album.

Overall, I will be influencing my film from ‘portal trick shots’. The music and idea kind of match any arm thoughts.

Stop motion Superfight

Hey there Onlooker, CreativeCookie here and today’s post is an analysis of “Stop motion Superfight”. It was directed by Corridor Digital and published in 2016.

Firstly, the way the video is made is very clever. I like how the floor acts as a background to make the action seem like they are standing. The fact they have used one place saves a lot of time as they do not have to move to different locations to complete filming. The camera has been fixed to the ceiling, of what looks to be a warehouse, as the floor space is quite large. The of a BEV allows as much filming space as possible and makes the actors look vertical. The prop of a light reinforces the vertical idea. To me, the thing that ruins this is the clutter around the edges. It is not placed to be seen as vertical. The element that saves this is the wooden border so the audience can clearly see where the action is filmed. The fact the wooden outline is remover to give a sense of the character being pushed out of the top, into the sky is very clever. This is also a mind trick as they are falling upwards.

The way it has been edited makes this film really clever. I think a normal length of film would ruin the overall point of the film. Most of the flips and tricks would not be possible laying flat if it was not stop motion. The fact it is filmed on the floor, the multi media use of a paper portal can be hand moved to make it look as if it is moving. This would have taken longer overall to film and edit but it was totally worth it!

I also like the narrative. A man is playing with his dog who is unexpectedly crushed by game solider through a portal. It is a simple narrative but sometimes they are the best as the audience can keep track easily. I also like how relatable this film is. What is happening is not really far off of what a pet owner would do in that situation. I know my dad would fight the person if he were to kill our dog.

Another piece I like about this film is when the solider throws a gravity magnet, which changes the angle of gravity in this horizontal environment. He also uses a block for transportation. The fact this game technology based character has entered a real universe is awesome! I want to include this into my film, but instead of a charter entering a real place, my character would enter an alternate universe. The element I love is the repetitive end. The fact the story loops to then point where fate can not be changed really appeals to me and links to my idea. To be honest I could use flat stop motion to film my VR universe!

Also I only just noticed he is himself! The end of each loop he becomes the game solider! How cool is that! I do love the looping idea but having the characters be one person is new to me. I loved the music too! It is what I pictured for my own piece. As this score is more old-time video game, I may use a toned down version.

Overall, I think this video has a lot of inspiring elements for to. It will help me understand the codes and convention of video game films better.