Guardians of the Galaxy poster

Hey there Onlooker, CreativeCookie here and today’s post is an analysis of the poster for “Guardians of the Galaxy”.


Colours: Most of this poster in blue. This is also reflected on the characters clothing. The colour blue connotes sadness and calm. This is juxtaposed by the action in the picture. A black fade out has been used in the bottom to create a dark background to contrast the gold title. The characters have a slight white outline to separate them from the background. One character (Drax) is covered in red. This connotes danger. This may suggest he is a dangerous character. The use of gold for the title connotes winning. This implies the ‘Guardians’ to be the hero. This poster has a varied range of light and dark colours. This creates attraction and interest as colours always draw the audience in.

Picture: They are not breaking the fourth wall, in fact they are looking over and passed the camera. As the word ‘Guardians’ suggest, perhaps the image is conveying them to be protecting everyone, even the audience. They appear to be fighting small space ships attacking them. The fact that there are many ships and only five of them will intrigue the audience as it implies that the film will be full of action and fight scenes. This is reinforced as the characters all have some kind of weapon. The characters are very weird, this references the space theme and the sci-fi genre. Green woman, Raccoon and a Tree man. The woman’s hand is spread out and downward. This action normally means hold back or stop. This implies she is in charge. The fact that her hand is more down than up suggests she isn’t always in charge. This is subvert as she is the woman and she has been placed at the front of the image. Their facial expressions are quite serious and look as if they are shouting.

Layout: The image of the characters have been centralized in order of importance. The man in the middle is highest in the image, suggesting that he is the main character. The title has been placed at the bottom with the film details. The text has been separated as the main credits  are at the top of the poster. This is following convention as posters often have split text and larger titles to grab attention. The layout of the different images allows the poster to be full.

Typography: The file is gold and looks metallic. The font is boxy and all in caps. This may imply the group is as strong as the metal. The ‘of the’ have been minimized implying they are not key to the title. As ‘Guardians’ and ‘Galaxy’ are bigger, this suggests the narrative as the picture shows space and protectors. The same font and gold has been used in the credits also. This is in keeping with the theme. This size of the title is big enough to be eye-catching but not too be taken away from the picture. Navy blue has been used for credits at the bottom, this is not that visible so it can only be particularly seen on a full printed poster.

Overall, This is an effective poster. I may use the black fade on my poster but in a different placement. I might also try to overlap some of my characters as I like the overall effect.

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